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The Cardigan
- The other autumn strip.
A Small Town Canadian Autumn
Believe it or not, I’m walking on air…
Aquinas the Minus is up to no good. Surprise, surprise!
Freddy vs Wolverine ushers in the Hallowe’en month!
Literally Just Two Letters Difference
- no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

It’s coming soon!  Chilly Tales! book launch party in Toronto!  Once again, Toronto is so bubbling with comic events that I wish I still lived there… sometimes.
I’m in this book, and I am in genuinely great company, as in, when I read the roster of artists, I wondered how my name got in there.
The book is curated by plierpants (who also did the beautiful cover), and has such Tumblr stars as dakotamcfadzean, lookstraightahead, robbmirsky as well as Canadian cartooning greats as Fiona Smyth, Marc Bell, and Marc Connery.  I don’t know some of the other names, but I suspect they will be great as well.  I’m looking very forward to this book.

About Chilly Tales: Featuring previously-unpublished works by a huge range of Canadian cartoonists, this book will not disappoint! The complete roster of artists includes:
Fiona Smyth, Keith McLean, Dakota McFadzean, Somya Singh, Elaine Will, Ian McMurray, Oliver Henry McTavish-Wisder, Ksenia Kozhevnikova, Josh Rosen, Marc Bell, Mark Connery, Josh Holinaty, Jesse Bochner, Jay Moysey, Colin Upton, Jeff Fenwick, Robb Mirsky, Rosena Fung, Angel Chen, Wm Brian MacLean, Shira Haberman, Noam Sussman, Marta Chudolinska, Drue Langlois, Myles Langlois, Jason Bradshaw, Hyein Lee, and Jordan Bursach.

i got a mention in this post!  Pretty cool!

Me too!
The Clappening
- That moment when hijacking a terrible cultural moment for an even more terrible pun seems like a good idea.
The question of my good sense is referenced again in Distractionism four weeks from now. I know this b/c I’m a time traveler.
One Hit Wonders Comics: The Buggles- Pictures came and broke your heart, but who needs that crap when you have olives in your martini.
Earwax Woman
- Inspired by an observation by Tony Verna.
Usagi Yojimbo
- Here’s a bit more fanart with a side of mashup. “Brung a gun to a sword fight, didja?” Poor Yosemite. (Originally appeared at )
- Just a bit of fanart for the long weekend (originally appeared at )
Friendship Is Magic
- The good ol’ days, circa 2005.
Food Stash
- Moustache of the mighty. (Yeah, the mighty lame!)
Drawers Full of Drawers Full of Drawers
- Or, drawerception.
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